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Uninterruptible Power Supplies – UPS Systems

We can tailor a UPS system to protect your critical information, keep your channels of communication up and running, or ensure critical medical systems never lose power. Our UPS systems can be configured for short outages or long power cuts. Whether you’re a medical organisation or a business with critical systems, our UPS systems will give you complete peace of mind regardless of the type of power disruption.

We already provide crucial back-up systems for data centres and emergency medical sites alike.

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ZP120N – UPS System

1kVA to 20kVA: On-line UPS that delivers a clean, safe and regulated power supply to protect your critical mission equipment. Offers strong performanc...

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TP130 – UPS System

1.1kVA to 3kVA: Line interactive UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation. A full featured rack and tower UPS with advanced battery management and integr...

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PC615N – UPS System

600VA to 2kVA: Line interactive UPS with Automatic Voltage Regulation, offering full-featured power protection for sensitive electrical equipment....

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LP120 – UPS System

1kVA to 2kVA: Line interactive full featured tower UPS designed to protect your critical equipment, offering a filtered, stabilised and regulated sine...

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AP160N – UPS System

1kVA to 10kVA: On-line compact UPS system, with the highest power density and reliability, offering the perfect solution for the most critical loads s...

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