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sales@powerguard.co.uk +44 (0) 1507 600688

Off Grid Generator & Power Systems

Our revolutionary power generation systems for completely self-sufficient off grid applications incorporate advanced technology for maximum efficiency and savings on fuel and maintenance costs. Our off grid generator range is tested and supplied to meet the demands you need.

We can tailor a system to meet your specific needs. 

An increasing number of people are opting for the freedom and benefits of self-sufficiency. Our power systems are no longer just for those living in isolated areas. More people than ever, even some with access to mains electricity, are opting for the security and predictability offered by off-grid power generation.

Our commercial solutions are equally effective for both small businesses that can’t afford any downtime or multinationals that are looking for comprehensive and integrated solutions.

We can create residential solutions for any situation, whether you’re sunbathing at your villa in Spain or running a farm in Yorkshire. We pay close attention to your requirements, so we know the system we create for you is more than capable of always meeting your needs.

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Multi-Generator Control System

TransGen is an automatic changeover control system that is used to switch between two different sized generators, depending on the power requirement....

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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

These systems are perfect for supplying normal household water for showers and basins, as well as supplying your heating system....

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Telecommunication Power Supply & Other Critical Applications

Our PS system combines with renewable energy sources and a back-up generator to provide power that is more consistent and reliable than being connecte...

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Solar off-grid system: Introducing the Renewable Energy Control (REC) system

The Powerguard REC System is a complete off-grid renewable energy solution....

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Domestic and Commercial Applications

Our fully integrated off-grid power solution provides the ultimate in balanced power production for both domestic and commercial applications....

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