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How we work

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By establishing the key basics from the start, we can deliver maximum performance from the installed equipment. For total peace of mind, we also offer Method Statements and Risk Assessments upon request. 

Installation & Commissioning 

We offer a fully comprehensive installation and commissioning service for all our equipment bound for the UK, Europe and beyond. We ensure any required equipment is delivered ready for installation before our engineers arrive to ensure we meet our schedules. 

Before installing the equipment, our engineers work through a full checklist appropriate to that exact system. The engineer then consults with the customer to clarify operational instructions and explain exactly how to extract the best performance from the equipment. 

After-sales Care and Support 

All our products come with a clear and practical user manual. We provide comprehensive after-sales care, including bespoke maintenance contracts, one-off servicing that includes a provision for any required parts and engineering support. We also understand and welcome our long-term commitment to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services.

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Buy viramune 200 mg online, Buy viramune nevirapine online

Expert engineering partner, strong fast service, very reactive on the field with strong competence about plenty kinds of different energy applications.

Gtec Europe

The system Powerguard have installed is tremendous for now and the future. They've been brilliant. They're always incredibly helpful and talk us through different system updates. We're in complete control of our power. What's more, with the windmill, we rarely have to use the generator, so it's cheaper than ever to run. The next step will be to add solar panels.

Kate Elliott

We're over the moon with the solution Powerguard provided, it's a clever bit of kit. And, we've had little to no trouble with it at all. The support is fabulous and they’re very responsive. We have no complaints. All it costs us is around £20 a week, which is nothing compared to what we were paying.

Terry Moore

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