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Choosing an Off-Grid Generator in 2021

Anyone planning to install an off-grid power system in the UK must also ensure they’re taking into account how much sunlight and wind is ...

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Combined Heat and Power Systems Explained

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an incredibly efficient energy production method that captures and uses heat as a by-product of electricity ...

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5 Ways to Utilise Renewable Energy in Your Home

Selecting renewable sources for your home’s energy requirements are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon emissions, decrease your dependency on ...

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How to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

The easiest method for most homeowners to reduce utility bills is by cutting back on energy use by means of self-discipline and educating oneself ...

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Emergency Lighting Regulations & Requirements

The objective of emergency lighting is to make sure that a light source illuminates promptly, automatically and for a suitable time frame, when ...

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How Does a Lighting Inverter Work?

At Powerguard, we are often asked questions in regards to emergency lighting. In this article, we’ll be discussing what a lighting inverter ...

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