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We’re looking for a skilled technician to join our team!

We specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative and durable power generation and management solutions. As the company grows, we’re ...

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Discover Powerguard’s innovative power solutions

We’ve been incredibly busy over the last few months speaking with customers to find out what they think about us and our solutions. Why? To ...

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Latest Generation Kohler SDMO Gas Generators

Powerguard have shipped their latest order of the new generation Kohler SDMO gas powered standby generator. Building on the reputation of the RES ...

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We Join Forces with Loughborough University

Technical engineering company Powerguard has teamed-up with Loughborough University to develop a new generation of green energy technology. ...

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Farmers Weekly Publish an Independent Review

Nick Fone from Farmers Weekly highlights the issues involved in getting remote buildings connected to the National Grid, and provides an ...

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Powerguard offers market leading Wind Turbine

Powerguard is pleased to offer customers a market-leading wind turbine system. The wind turbine has been tested in the most arduous of conditions ...

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